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Ready to take the next step towards building your ideas and growing your business?

mobile app development company

You simply need mobile. But mobile app creation, development and maintenance? That’s not so simple.

Magellan Provides:

  • Mobile App Development – The apps you want – built quickly without sacrificing quality
  • MBAAS – Cloud and backend services – mobile app hosting & more, no maintenance and no infrastructure hassles
  • Reliable, scalable system – for all the content, downloads & users you can imagine
  • Over the Top (OTT) Services – Putting YOU in control of your content and puts money back in your pocket.
You focus on your business. We’ll take care of everything mobile. Simply everything.

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Your mobile strategy matters. Discover the five critical things to know before you develop your mobile strategy.

Enterprise Case Study: Vlogo

SOCON Media dreamed of a moderated social video
platform called Vlogo, where groups could communicate
from anywhere at any time.

Magellan helped them make it a reality.

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San Francisco's beloved restaurant Dino & Santino's
wanted an affordable, yummy mobile app to entice
its fans.

M2 Matric™ cooked one up for them in days.

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M2 Matric™ for Small to Medium Business

Startup company Just Like You wanted to create a platform
where millions of people could connect with others who
share their interests, issues and ailments in a safe

Magellan hooked them up.

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Startup Case Study: Just Like You

M2 Cloud Services Backend

There are:
1.3 billion smartphones worldwide.
800,000 apps in the app stores.
70 billion downloads a year.

None of that happens without a backend.
Magellan's M2 Cloud Services provides the backend to
enable mobile.

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enable your app

Customer Testimonials

Jim & Lisa Houston

“Gentlemen – Your ingenuity, creativity and sense of innovation, along with your care and diligence have made this platform what it is. You have helped take an idea and make it a reality, thank you.”

Jim & Lisa HoustonFounder, Just Like You
W. Duane Stafford

“The broad range of engineering skill sets, experience, and focus on mobile solutions is why PIVPointe partnered with Magellan. Their efficiency and dedication has made our products a reality.”

W. Duane StaffordCEO of PIVPointe

Our Clients